Wounded Warriors Quilt

I finished my Wounded Warriors quilt. It’s going to a group that donates quilts and afgans to wounded soldiers.

I machine quilted this quilt using a meandering pattern with a variegated red, white, and blue thread on the front…

And a solid blue on the back.

If you’re interested in participating with this group, check out the “Blankets For Our Injured Troops” page on Facebook.

It’s finally finished! Just look at my sparkling clean & clear sewing desk. It won’t stay this unencumbered for long, but then, should it? A sewing desk should be at least a little cluttered, right??

I attached a neon dry-erase board on the door. It’s magnetic for all those little notes – really just because I like fun magnets.

The closet, across from my sewing desk, holds my magazines and other supplies. The lower bins are filled with UFOs, kits and on-going projects. I’m not allowing myself to purchase any more fabric until I make a dent in these bins! I’ve been whittling them down over the past year, but I have much to do.

It’s a little hard to see, but at the top of the closet I’ve hung my batting (I buy it buy the yard to have on hand) on a pressure rod. In front of the closet is my pull-down design wall. Out of sight when not in use…

…But always available when I need it!

It took forever to wrangle this bookcase down the little hall and into my studio, but it was worth all the effort. It holds my patterns, books, church supplies, photo albums, etc. I’m going to create an Access database for my pattern and books. Always something more to do, eh?

This high-top to the left of my sewing desk doubles as my computer/design area and an extra cutting table when needed (we’re going to have to clean up the atrium outside the window for a more inspiring view).

My all too neglected quilt frame/machine combo takes up a bit of space on the wall behind my sewing area. One of my latest quilts hangs above.

As you can see, I’m squeezing in as much as possible. My file cabinet is a necessary evil, not terribly cute or decorative, but necessary.

I had these cabinets installed, along with the sewing desk, when I retired about 4 1/2 years ago. I love the cutting area! They’re regular kitchen cabinets & counter tops. The little drawers just beneath the upper cabinets hold cutters, small sewing supplies, and other miscellaneous items. I didn’t have the cabinets all that well organized before…

…But now they really work for me. The real trick will be keeping them organized.

This is the wall just to the right of my sewing area. The design wall doubles as a bulletin board.

Here’s another look at my thread board. I absolutely love it!! I found an old picture at a thrift store, painted some pegboard, and put it the frame. The upper threads are for embroidery and the lower are my regular sewing thread. The boxes below are antique sewing maching drawers I found in a little shop in Tucson.

Well, that’s my studio, now to get my hands on my sewing machine!!

I’ve been busy making needle cases and matching scissor holders – they’re way fun!

A piece of felt holds threaded needles and pins securely.

Pockets on each end hold an extra package of needles and my needle threader.

They make great gifts – so quick to make!

Check out my new tutorial for making this needle case!

Try Something New

There are a couple of new tutorials on the “Try Something New” tab. Check ‘em out!

Fun Little Clutch

This is a fun little clutch that I heard about from Natalie Cox**, a Facebook friend. It’s lined and measures about 4 1/2″ x 6″.
Natalie found a tutorial for this bag at www.flamingotoes.com If you click on the “Clothes & Accessories” tab, you will find “Anthro Asterid Coin Purse Knockoff”. It’s a fun tutorial, try it!! Remember, it’s not to early to start your Christmas gifts!!!!!!!

Check out Natalie’s blog at http://www.carryhers.blogspot.com/

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